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President’s Desk


Smt. S. Aarathy

President & Chief Executive

Siva Sivani Group of Institutions

The Journey of this giant called Siva Sivani over the last more than half a century, from the 3rd of August 1961 to be exact, has been on a meandering path but always uphills. Guided by the Founder, who always chose the less trodden pathways and more often than not dared to begin a trail in wilderness, Siva Sivani has always dreamed big and lived those dreams successfully. Between daring to start the first ICSE School in Sanathnagar, decades ago, to starting the first standalone, non university, non-Government, All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India approved B-School in Andhra Pradesh in 1992 to being the first authorized center for the Institute of Commercial Management of UK in Andhra Pradesh, there are innumerable firsts in the saga of these group institutions.
As always, | am sure that Siva Sivani Degree College will provide quality education to all its pupils. Change, it is said, is the only constant in progress and we at Siva Sivani have constantly been keeping pace with change. We are now in an era where things move at speeds surpassing those of light and sound. Time is now of utmost importance, with a foregone conclusion that quality is not compromised even a wee bit for moving at a faster pace. This is the order of the day, in all walks of life and hence equally applicable to the arena of education. To keep abreast with this change, we have now started on a path, which, as in the past, will Keep us that one elusive step ahead of our counterparts elsewhere.

| welcome you, as co travelers on this path, to quality education at a faster pace and help realize your dreams that much faster. We intend to hasten the process of turning you into responsible, creative, positive and contributing citizens of our Global Village.