(AICTE Approved)

Associate Vice President Message

Associate Vice President

Smt. Deepika Sampathy

Associate Vice President

Siva Sivani Group of Institutions

I have the honour and privilege of cordially welcoming you to our learning community and its portals. You want the best for your child as a parent, and we are honoured to work with you to make sure they receive the education they need to meet their future challenges.

Disciplined instruction will teach a learner the value of self-control. For freedom to be fully successful, discipline must provide direction. Success requires self-discipline, which teaches us to put the good of the group ahead of our own interests.

The true purpose of education is to instil a culture of the heart founded on principles, not only to produce individuals who are literate in the language of technology. We must not neglect to educate our children’s hearts while teaching their intellect.

We work hard to raise our students to be confident, self-aware adults who care about other people. We constantly work to keep things amicable amongst one another and with the parents of our students. We are working together to ensure the children are successfully raised so they may grow up to be future leaders and role models.

“Education is the most effective tool you can use to alter the world,” they say.