Spoorthi :

Following the age old traditions of our rich and varied heritage every fresher joining SSDC is given a warm welcome into the Siva Sivani family on the 1st day. This event is aimed at giving an impetus i.e. force that makes the bonding happen more quickly and is befittingly named Spoorthi.

Sadbhavana :

A get together where the sense of togetherness and belongingness to one family firmly takes roots in the heart of every new entrant into the Siva Sivani family and celebrated with a festive gaiety is aptly named ‘Sadbhavana’. Truly living the meaning of the word — a good feeling – the older members of the family consisting of the students, faculty and administrators get together and formally welcome the new entrants to their home — Siva Sivani.

Sannihita :

The inter-collegiate meet of the undergraduate students organized by the students of SSDC. Sannihita is the flagship event or SSDC full of learning, bonding and fun. This event creates a platform for further bonding amongst the students of SSDC and between students of SSDC and other institutes thereby helping the students come closer to each other.

Sahrudaya :

Having partaken the bliss of friendship, riding through the ups and downs together, the 1st and the 2nd year students get together to give a fond and warm adieu to the final year students. Resplendent with warm thoughts and good feeling and hearts and minds full of the times spent together the seniors bid a formal adieu to their almamater on this day. Aptly named, this is an event which has much more to do with the heart than the mind, ‘Sahrudaya ‘— is a Farewell function for the seniors.

Samskruti :

Every member who is associated with the Siva Sivani Institutions becomes a member of the Siva Sivani family for life, irrespective of the physical presence on the campus. A platform for the former and the present students to come together, share their experiences and keep the bonding intact, ‘Sadhana’ the alumni meet of SSDC is held with a lot of fervor with students attending in festal a mood.

Sadhana :

Facilities for games like Cricket, Volleyball, and Athletics are available for the relaxation of the mind. Arrangements are also being made for creating the requisite facilities for indoor games like Chess, Carroms, Table Tennis etc.