(AICTE Approved)


The Code of Student Conduct has been formulated to provide a clear statement of the Siva Sivani Degree College expectation of students, in respect of academic matters and personal behaviour. Moreover, it seeks to encourage continued reflection and thoughtful response to ethical issues.

The following are to be strictly abided by the students.
1. Students should come to the college as per the scheduled Time.

2. Late entry into the college will not be allowed under any circumstances, unless and until any emergency/or specific reason is given, followed by a proof or explanation from parents.

3. Students should enter into the campus with identity cards only.

4. College has a uniform code for all the students, and shall follow Students should follow the dress code instructed by the Discipline committee of the college.

5. Students should attend the college regularly and maintain attendance as per the norms of Osmania University, failing which the student is not allowed to attend the examinations at the end of semester.

6. Bio-metric attendance should be given by the students daily without fail.

7. Students should not loiter in the corridors or outside the class room every hour, unless and until they have any work with the faculty members or in the office.

8. Any notices given by the office/faculty members or management should be given due attention by the students.

9. No ragging is entertained by the seniors in the campus, as our campus is “Ragging Free” Zone.

10. Students should attend all the Internal Examinations conducted by the college, as per the schedule of Osmania University.

11. Students should attend all in-house examinations (Revision Examinations, Daily Examinations) conducted by the college without fail.

12. Students should participate in all the events/programs/guest lectures conducted by the colleg=e for their holistic development.

13. Students are free to choose the programs/event as per their passion or interest.

14. Students should submit the assignments given by the faculty members in time.

15. If any student is sick, kindly intimate the Class mentor immediately. So that proper first aid or any action can be taken by the college authorities.

16. A prior intimation should be given by the students in case of continuous sickness more than two days, by calling their class mentor or sending message through parent/guardian.

17. Cell phones should not be used by the students either in the class room or in the campus under any circumstances.

18. Coming late to class is a serious breach of discipline. You will not be permitted to leave or come late to the class under any circumstances. In any case, none of you are allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the faculty. The faculty shall have the right to cancel attendance for the particular period during which he/she engages, for indifference or for late coming without valid reason by students.