Admission Procedure

Admission for 2022-23 process is started.

Issue of Application Forms started for the academic year 2022-23

Admissions will be granted as per the Osmania University norms. & Guidelines.


The students are expected to maintain exemplary conduct and character under all circumstances and maintain discipline and decorum both in the campus and outside. Any violation will be viewed seriously. Smoking is strictly banned in the campus. All students should adhere to the dress code stipulated by the college. No student will be allowed to enter the class once the faculty enters the class. A student who is not in the class by the time the faculty enters the classroom will have to spend the remaining time of the scheduled class in the library. He/She will be allowed to enter the next class before the next faculty enters the class. This is applicable only to the first class ofthe day. IN ALL MATTERS CONCERNING INDISCIPLINE, INTERPRETATIONOF THE PRESIDENTAND CHIEF EXECUTIVE

Dress Code

Our ancient scriptures state that a sound mind dwells only in a sound body. At SSDCwe believe that in addition to a sound body, the mind requires a sound environment conducive to progress and development, if a goal is to be attained. Our goal is to impart the best education to our students and to create an environment which would hasten the process of true learning. The attire of all concerned must be suitable to conduct this serious activity. Therefore, a Dress Code has been evolved which must be strictly followed by all concerned. A breach of the dress code will entail penal action including dismissal from the college.WOULD BE FINAL AND BINDING.

We have introduced the College Uniform since 2015 so as to enhance the learning environments thus Encourage Discipline among them. This Uniform not only helps you in high levels of preparedness but also diminish economic and social barriers between the students. College uniform is a must and should adhere to the Uniform Guidelines as laid by the management.


Formal Shirt (Long Sleev); Color – To be decided by Management; Trousers: (College Cut Long Pants) Color-Black, Black Blazer(for BBA Only) and Tie,


Formal Shirt (Full Sleeves) Color – To be decided by Management; Trousers: ColorBlack, Black Waistcoat and Tie

Number of pairs:

At least 2 pairs are recommended.

Dress Material:

Cotton is recommended.

Following are NOT allowed: Low waist jeans; T shirts with messages; Sleeveless tops; Short shirts or tops; Skirts, Shorts or Three-fourth pants. with Socks


Boys: Should weak Clean and polished black Shoes with ankle socks

Girls: clean and polished formal black shoes with knee length Socks.

Number of pairs: At least 2 pairs are recommended.


SSDC believes that a student must always be ready, in all manner, to grab any opportunity that comes by, even unexpectedly, in order to attain / achieve the set goals. A lot of campus placements happen at SSIM and in the past organizations coming for placements to SSIM have asked for undergraduate students. In such cases students of SSDCwill be exposed to those organizations whenever the need arises and it is therefore prudent to be ready at all times and face the challenges as they come instead of being unprepared and ruing at a lost chance. It is for this purpose also that a dress code has been evolved and is strictly implemented.